Free Dick Simkanin

Friday, April 16, 2004

Letter to Dick Simkanin

April 2, 2004

Richard Simkanin
Federal Medical Center
30383-177 Unit Jail
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119-5905

Dear Dick,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. Knowing that you are still being held a Political Prisoner, being punished for having followed GOD's Law. But then as our Lord said: If they persecute ME, they will also persecute you.

Bill is now home with me but not FREE yet. I wonder if we will ever know freedom again. Bill has one year of Supervised Release under U.S. Probation Officer Jeffrey C. Sanderson. The day after Bill came home we meet with Mr. Sanderson at his office. I noticed that even Probation Officers hide behind locked doors for their protection. Is it any wonder that someone would come out of prison angry? How many innocent victims each year are sent to these work camps as slaves? Mr. Sanderson informed me that he would be coming to my home to do an in-home search and if I didn't let him in, he could and would have Bill removed from OUR home and could even send him back to prison.

Mr. Sanderson then went over the conditions of Bill's supervised release. Bill MUST fill out a monthly financial statement listing all household bills, any income, any and all bank accounts, including mine if Bill in any way benefits from it. When I objected, again I was told that Bill could be removed from our home. One thing that I have never been able to abide is threats. Yet that's what I was receiving to my legal objections. When I asked the questions that the Privacy Act tells us to ask every government agency, including the Federal Government, I received the same threats and no answers.

Mr Sanderson and his partner (I don't remember her name and she didn't offer any identification) did in fact show up at our home the following week. Dick, we live in a very modest two bedroom bungalow that Bill paid $40,000 for. It is in need of repairs that we haven't been able to afford because of the IRS. Mr. Sanderson and his partner made a great effort to show their authority by examining every room in this house and the basement. Any piece of paper that was exposed was read, even my calendar was examined to see what was written on it. I was so angry that I brushed past Mr. Sanderson to snatch a piece of paper that his partner was reading and told her it was private. This is when Mr. Sanderson informed Bill that in the future I would have to leave the house when they stop by unannounced because I am such a threat to THEM. After all, I did bump his shoulder. I wonder if Mr. Sanderson or his partner would allow us, the people they rely on to pay their wages and benefits, to inspect their homes? How about if we asked for a financial statement to review if they are living within their means of reported income? I can guarantee you that they will tell us that is private information and non or OUR Business. But they see nothing wrong with doing this to us. This is the type of harassment that we are going to live with for the next year. No wonder the courts, DOJ and Probation Department all must lock themselves inside their offices. I can't imagine working in an environment where I would so willingly invade another's RIGHTS and be able to look myself in the mirror every morning.

I guess we have to face the fact that this is no longer our country Dick. There are so many people who are willing to turn on their neighbor for a paycheck and benefits from the Government. Probation Officers, like the DOJ and IRS depend on us to support them. They don't see it as stealing. I wonder what would happen if they ever had to think for themselves. Come up with an original idea and put it to work. Instead, they simply rely on the rules on some piece of paper that's handed to them and follow orders. They enjoy the power it gives them over others. They just don't see or care it seems, the harm they are causing by not questioning if what they are doing is really legal or not.

When I was in Washington, DC last spring, I was left with the impression of being in Hitler's Germany. Everywhere I looked there were men dressed in black carrying automatic weapons. If our Government needs this kind of protection, maybe they should look at what they are doing. No Dick, this country no longer belongs to the people, it now belongs to a hand full of Bankers who want to destroy every freedom we have. Control every aspect of our life. And anyone who dares to stand up to them, dares to claim their GOD given rights, will end up where you are. It doesn't matter what the LAW really says, we have witnessed how the courts will keep the LAW away from the jury's eyes and condemn you anyway. I looked up the word Pharisee in the Dictionary Dick, here is what it said:

A formal sanctimonious, hypocritical person.

The BIBLE tells me that it was the Pharisee's and Lawyers who condemned JESUS. Is it any different today? Do they not still hide knowledge from the people? And where are the Clergy in this country. Hiding behind their 501 c (3)? Contracting to promote government policy? Living in fear that if they stand up, they will end up where you are? This is a very sad state that our country is in today.

The only thing we have left is our Faith. The knowledge that we will enter the gates of Heaven. I'm not afraid of dying, it's living that scares me more. When I look around me and see the horrible violations of human rights that take place in our once Great Country, and the direction of a One World Government that doesn't include GOD, it makes me afraid. But, as long as these godless judges, like Judge McBryde continue to abuse their authority, we are doomed as a Nation of Laws. As long as Congress sits up on the Hill and allows the IRS, DOJ and the Courts to destroy us, we are doomed. As long as the American People themselves allow this, we are doomed.

I just want you to know that you will never be forgotten. You are a true Christian and Patriot. Stay strong and God Bless you Dick Simkanin.

Rose Lear