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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Letter from Simkanin to Ron Avery

From : Rose Lear firstrose@core.com
Sent : Monday, February 23, 2004 9:03 PM
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Subject : Letter from Simkanin to Ron Avery

I want each and every one of you out there to read this letter. Feel for once what it is saying. If you can't bring yourself to get behind this man and WE THE PEOPLE, then we have lost all of our Rights as GOD'S People. If you don't understand by now that this is a numbers game, how many will stand up for their RIGHTS, then we have lost the war.

Because of Bob Schulz and We The People, I have a voice. I have not suffered the pain that many before me have suffered because of Bob and We The People. I have had more support, and financial assistance because of Bob and We The People. I Thank God every day for that. But, now we have to help Dick Simkanin and his family. We have to hold Dick up and help him all that we can. We need voices out there loud and clear, this is not acceptable. We will not tolerate this type of treatment for a man that has done nothing against the LAW!

Rose Lear

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Subject: [SimSoc] letter from Simkanin to Ron Avery
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 23:51:37 -0600
From: "Ronald F. Avery" ronavery@ev1.net
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I received this hand written letter that I typed for emailing for all to see. I don't know about you but as for me I will give credit where credit is due. Dick Simkanin is a saint and there are few that will give all they have that truth and justice be made known. I will say this again and again and again: there is only one PROJECT for WE THE PEOPLE and that is to get RICHARD SIMKANIN out of JAIL. If WE THE PEOPLE fail in this project, there is no point in any other projects.



Richard Simkanin

Number 30383-177 Jail Unit

P.O. Box 15330

Fort Worth, Texas 76119-5905

14 Feb 04 A.D.

Dear Ron,

Thanks for the copy of the e-mail dated 9 Feb 04, 11:56 AM. RE: Tyranny is starving for legitimacy - don't feed it!

Please don't give me so much credit as to make me a hero of some sort. I am only a man, just like you. All I did was try to obey the written law. When I found out I had NO "Delegation of Authority" to be a tax collector, I stopped collecting so-called taxes from my workers. I also found out I did not have any Police Power to enforce such so-called tax collection.

Go ask any business owner what his authority is to keep part of his workers pay. Tell him you want to SEE his delegation of authority. All he can show you is a piece of paper called a W-4 where in the worker himself gives the business permission to keep an undetermined amount of the worker's pay. What a scam! Wonder why the IRS doesn’t list this particular scam on its Scam Page.

Ron, you really don't know how much I needed this particular note at this point in time. Every once in a while, I feel that as time goes by I’ll be forgotten in this place where no one sees me. But then, every time I get to feeling depressed God sends me a letter, this time it was signed "Sincerely, Ron."

God bless you my friend

Num 6:24-26

Phil 1:18-20

Richard Simkanin

Political Prisoner

I am told that on April 30, 2004, Sentencing date for Simkanin, Judge McBride is going to give a life sentence for refusing to be an unpaid, without authority tax collector for the IRS.