Free Dick Simkanin

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, "Oh that thou wouldst bless me and enlarge my border, and that thy hand might be with me, and that thou wouldst keep me from harm so that it might not hurt me!" And God granted what he asked.

1 Chronicles 4:10

Friday, December 26, 2003

Trial Date Monday January 5, 2004

Fort Worth, Texas

See http://www.arrowplastics.net/ for details.

Open Letter From Bill Stegmeier

From: Bill Stegmeier
To: Everyone
Sent: Friday, December 26, 2003 3:52 PM
Subject: Fw: Simkanin, Jan. 5th, what can we do?

From Bill Stegmeier, South Dakota WTP State Coordinator.

(All email addresses on this list were collected by myself from the WTP Congress state websites. Please let me know if you would like your address removed from my list. Thanks, Bill Stegmeier)

Dear State Coordinators: (County Coordinators if State Coordinator email address not available)

I sent the following email to Henry (Hank) Holtz, We The People Congress Texas State Coordinator.
Re: The upcoming Dick Simkanin trial.

Lets all do whatever we can to make a huge presence in Fort Worth on January 5. (assuming the enemy doesn't change the trial date just to mess with our travel plans) Please forward this to all your contacts.

I realize that taking off work for two to three days may create a bit of a cash crunch for most of us. But the outcome of this trial has huge ramifications. Please, your attendance in Fort Worth is needed. Do what you can. If you can't go, try to find someone who can. Make the sacrifice to be there. If you can't make it then take up collections and send someone else. This is what this whole WTP thing is all about.

As you will see in the following email, I am asking Henry for direction on what those of us who are able to attend should plan to do come Jan. 5. Someone needs to step up to the plate on this golden "egg in their face" opportunity. It's taking place in Henry's back yard, so it first falls on him to take charge. If he is unable then he needs to say so, step aside, and let someone else organize our efforts (regarding the Simkanin trial). Time is short, so I say let's get busy.

Keep informed on what is happening by going to Hank's Texas WTP website:


Thanks everyone, and I'll see you in Ft. Worth!
Bill Stegmeier
SD WTP State Coordinator

Hi Hank.

Did you get my check for the "Simkanin Billboard/picket sign project"?

I'll be down your way for the trial on Jan. 5 with two others from South Dakota and one from Hays, Kansas (my brother).

I will also be paying for Rose Lear to fly down, if she chooses.
(which by the way she has!)

Hank, as you know, the Simkanin case is packed with more IRS devestating dynomite than even the Vernie Kuglin case!

McBryde and Jarvis are scratching their rears wondering how to get out of this. I think they know they're screwed, but have no choice but to do their pathetic jobs to the humiliating end.

You can bet they have been in contact with IRS in Washington, pleading for some sort of personal career saving salvation, which of course will not come!

OK Hank,

WTP National has sounded the call for every abled body man, woman, and child to plan for their attendance at the Simkanin trial at Fort Worth on January 5th.

Larken Rose has also sent out the battle cry to his 4500 + email list.

What else can be done?

I Don't want to step on any Texas toes down your way, so I'm asking you to let me know what, if anything, I as well as everyone who is able to help sould or should not do. You have a better handle on what is going on at Ft. Worth than anyone. Don't keep it a secret on what you think we who are able to help should do. Tell us or designate someone in Fort Worth to take charge.

I and my well dressed regiment from up north will be there regardless.
But we would rather be under the command of local WTP representatives.

Thank you Hank,

Bill Stegmeier
South Dakota State Coordinator
We The People Congress

cc: National and all State Coordinators

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Free Dick Simkanin

January 5, 2004

Details here and here and here.

Also see http://www.arrowplastics.net/

Monday, December 22, 2003

Free Dick Simkanin

One person will be there, and the outcome will determine if he stays in a cage for a couple more years. If you go, you get to go home afterwards, no matter what the verdict. Keep January 5th free on your calendars. I'll see you there.

Thank you Larken Rose.

More Letters Going Out In Support of Dick Simkanin

Here's another installment from Veronica A. Hannevig, Pennsyvania WTP County Coordinator:

Date: 12/21/03 8:20:27 PM Central Standard Time
From: nikihannevig@juno.com
Reply-to: coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us
To: coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us, People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

This will go out in the morning. Many Thanks for all that you do.

Dear Judge McBryde;

I've discussed Dick Simkanin and his incarceration with my children and grandchildren. They are asking me how the Internal Revenue Service, a collection agency for the owners of the Federal Reserve, is able to jail Mr. Simkanin for asking questions that would clarify his understanding of the law. They learned in school, as did I, that we are "innocent until proven guilty", and that "the only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked". They also want to know how "free" they are (will be) to engage in a productive occupation in their "pursuit of happiness" when they hear about the "liens" that have been put on the "unalienable Rights" of people like Mr. Simkanin. They learned in school and church that they have been "endowed by their Creator" and have asked me, "Who owns us? If we belong to our Creator, how can Judge McBryde keep Mr. Simkanin in jail rather than just using his authority to make the owners of the Federal Reserve and the agents of the IRS answer his (Mr. Simkanin's) questions?"

Your honor, please advise me as to how I can answer these questions for my children and grandchildren.

Respectfully yours,

Veronica A. Hannevig

Here's Another Letter To the Editor....

Shared by Jim Compton, WTP County Coordintor in Boiling Springs, PA. You can cut and paste references to Dick Simkanin's case.

Subj: [WTPcoordsAll] Letter to the Editor
Date: 12/21/03 9:17:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: ComptonJR@aol.com
Reply-to: coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us
To: coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us, People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com
CC: cannonk@knology.net
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Good evening all,

The Carlisle, PA, Sentinel printed this "letter to the editor" in today's paper. Feel free to copy, edit, and send it to you local papers. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Yours in Liberty,

Jim Compton
Cumberland County, PA Coordinator

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the "Declaration of Independence," he listed 27 grievances the Colonies had with King George. He then stated, "In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been addressed only by repeated injury." Today, our federal government is acting just like King George.

"We the People [WTP] Foundation for Constitutional Education" has humbly petitioned the government for redress of grievances on four issues as guaranteed by the First Amendment to our Constitution.

During a news conference at the US Treasury Department on September 12, 2003, Mr. Terry Lemons, from the IRS Department, answered a question posed by David Clay Johnson, of the New York Times. Mr. Johnson asked if the IRS would answer the petition for redress of grievances from "We the People." Mr. Lemons stated that they would answer the questions through "enforcement." His answer reflects the same response King George made to the Colonies.

Why not have an open hearing and answer legitimate questions concerning the Federal Income Tax? After all, Congressman Bartlett, (R-MD), former IRS Commissioner Rossotti, and Mr. Daniel Bryant of the Justice Department all agreed in writing to do just that on 20 July 2001. They scheduled a public hearing for September 29-30, 2001, but delayed the hearing until February 27-28, 2002, due to the 9/11 attack. In early January 2002, WTP gave 200 lead questions to the federal government for the upcoming hearing; however, by mid January 2002, Congressman Bartlett reneged and backed out of the hearing. I would expect government officials who take an oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution" to honor their agreements.

Like most individuals, I was led to believe that filing and paying federal income taxes was the law. In the past two years, that belief has been utterly shattered, and I have, regrettably, become disillusioned, disheartened, frustrated and really upset by what I have come to believe is the biggest case of fraud, theft and extortion in history. What is even more frustrating is that those who we trust appear to be culpable in the fraud, theft and extortion by their refusal to openly and honestly address the issue and settle the charges once and for all, all of which serves to further validate the accusations.

If the federal government needs money, Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution states, " ...direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several states…" according to the census.

If you believe "We the People" have a God given right to "petition the government for redress of grievances" (First Amendment) and that the government should honestly answer the petition, go to www.givemeliberty.org and join the upcoming class action lawsuit.

Jim Compton
Boiling Springs, PA

Sunday, December 21, 2003


Kevin Cannon, WTP Congress Alabama State Coordinator shares this idea:

"Per discussions during our last conference call with reference to the Dick Simkanin case in Texas, I have sent the letter copied below to the addresses in Texas listed at the bottom of this message. All of them were delivered, as I have not included the 6 that were returned as undeliverable."

Use this same letter:

To whom it may concern,

While I have checked out the web sites of dozens upon dozens of media outlets across the nation to include newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, I find plenty of news stories on what business is doing, which is of interest to some people; I find plenty of news stories on sports, which is of interest to some people; I find plenty of news stories on food and fashions, which are of interest to some people; I find plenty of news stories on science, which is of interest to some people; I even find plenty of news stories on what is going on in other countries, which is of interest to some people, but what I don’t find are hardly any news stories on what is of vital concern to every single taxpaying American citizen and that is, the available evidence and the uncontested allegations of fraud and extortion that is the federal income tax system.

I find it disappointingly incredible that most of the media fails to report on, or even investigate, what would probably be the biggest news story in decades, and subsequently understand why, because of the news that is available on the Internet; the media is steadily loosing both credibility with and the loyalty of the American public.

My first effort will be to get the media to fulfill its Constitutional obligations and do its part to keep the government honest by contacting the media outlets directly. Anticipating failure at getting the media to fulfill its Constitutional obligations and responsibilities due to its poor track record on reporting this story thus far, I have already begun the process of contacting the companies that provide billions in advertising dollars to inform them that I, for one, do not listen to, watch or read from news sources that fail to report on that which is of such concern and importance, and that as such, they are wasting their advertising dollars.

I have long since given up on trying to intelligently communicate with our self-serving elected officials and the agencies of our supposed servant government. Since the media has failed for decades to do its job, government has been so corrupted it no longer listens to the people and most of our bought and paid for elected officials are only interested in getting re-elected, I will campaign for people to vote with their devalued federal reserve notes, which seems to get more attention than attempts at sincere and honest communication.

On the off chance that there is someone in the media who cares or is interested enough to do some investigative reporting, the search for the truth can begin by asking the Internal Revenue Service to show the chapter and verse of enacted federal law that requires American citizens to file and pay federal income taxes and then very carefully read what, if anything, they provide. The Internal Revenue Code is specifically written in such confusing legalese that it is very easy to assume, and that is the critical word, that most all American citizens are liable for the federal income tax.

If that gets too confusing, one can go to www.givemeliberty.org for access to many other sources that will lead to biggest story in any reporter’s career.

If the federal income tax, as it is currently enforced, is the legitimate law of the land, then report it, but be able to prove it. On the other hand, if the American people are being cheated, conned and lied to, then report that as well, but report something that is truly newsworthy to all Americans.

Most sincerely,

(I provided name, address, phone # & email address)

Athens Daily Review – news@athensreview.com

Focus Daily News – renee@focus-news.com

The Commerce Journal – evoccio@cnhi.com

The Community News – jonathan@community-news.com

The Corsicana Daily Sun – rlinex@corsicanadailysun.com

Daily Commercial Record – dcr@dailycommercialrecord.com

Dallas Business Journal – dallas@bizjournals.com

Dallas Examiner – mbelt@dallasexaminer.com

The Dallas Voice – editor@dallasvoice.com

The Denton Record-Chronicle – dpatterson@dentonrc.com

The Fort Worth Star – feedback@fwweekly.com

The Gainsville Daily Register – dscottdailyreg@nortexinfo.net

The Greenville Herald Banner – mgeyer@cnhi.com

Hamilton Herald-News – kmiller@herald-news.com

Hood County News – editor@hcnews.com

Junction Eagle – jeagle@ktc.com

McKinney Courier-Gazette – jmouser@courier-gazette.com

Palestine Herald-Press – atawater@palestineherald.com

Wills Point Chronicle – vznews@aol.com

And to www.wetellall.com

It is requested that you send this letter with reference to the Dick Simkanin case, or one of your own to the addresses provide, and any others in Texas you may have, as well as forward this message to all WTP County Coordinators, WTP volunteers and any one else on your contact list and ask them to forward it on to any and all. Imagine the incentive to investigate and cover this story that would be created if the Texas media received letters from 30+ State Coordinators, a few hundred County Coordinators and a few hundred more citizens from all over the country. If I were a media executive I would see an opportunity to get national attention by covering a story that generated enough interest to justify all that mail. Just picture the possibilities.

If we can generate media attention at Mr. Simkanin’s upcoming retrial it will be more difficult for a crooked DA and corrupt judge to railroad him into a conviction.

Consider the following. If Mr. Simkanin’s case can be successfully concluded, especially after all the work he has done and all he has been through;

The research he has done,

The attempts to get the IRS to be specific on the law,

The work he has done with legal advisors to verify his findings,

The training he did with his employees when he stopped withholding,

The time and effort he spent successfully pleading his case before two previous grand juries,

The harm to his business when the IRS went to his vendors and tried to intimidate them,

The 6 months he has spent in jail and almost being acquitted (11-1) of any wrong doing,

The time away from and harm to his family through all this,

then our cause will have obtained a very significant victory in that we will not only have one more case where someone has stood up to the IRS and won, but an employer who researched the law and refused to submit to the extortion of the IRS. This case would not only help convince other employers to research the legitimate tax law, but would provide plenty of documented evidence to seek indictment of certain federal officials for, at the very least, complicity in fraud and extortion. To defend themselves they would be compelled to provide the law stating where American citizens are required to file and pay federal income taxes and if they could not…then let the chips fall where they may.

I have also written a personal letter to Mr. Simkanin, as I’m certain his spirits are low and probably sometimes feels he is all alone. His address is as follows:

Richard Simkanin
REG# 30383-177
Federal Medical Center Jail Unit
P.O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119

As of this writing a new posting with some recent developments can be viewed at

According to this latest posting, his captors are doing all they can to railroad and break this individual; proving both that they are getting desperate and that our support is needed more now than ever before.

Contacts To Support Dick Simkanin

1) Judge John H. McBryde

Send a letter protesting the actions of Judge McBryde:

Judge John H. McBryde
501 West Tenth Street
Room 401
Fort Worth, Texas, 76102
Phone 817-850-6650

According to once recent source/contact, you will be referred to his Law Clerk Suzanne Johnson.

2) US Attorney David Jarvis

Call US Attorney David Jarvis and protest his actions which have worked to deprive Dick Simkanin of his rights. According to once recent source/contact, his calls are being screened. The best you can do is leave a voice mail at 817-252-5200 ext 5296.

3) Forth Worth Star Telegram

Lee Williams is the City Editorof the Star Telegram in Fort Worth about the case. They have run 10 stories on the case, the most recent one on 11-26 which was the hung jury story.

Their mailing address:
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
400 West 7th
Fort Worth, TX 76102 For newspaper deliveries call:
817-DEL-IVER (335-4837)
or 800-776-STAR (7827)

Donations Sought for Simkanin Billboard Project

Please, please help. We need money, we need your bodies in Fort Worth during the trial. We will have banners to hold and display, and flyers to pass out to the citizens. Here's the link for the final design for the Billboard.

Please send your donations to:

Henry Goltz
PO Box 690126
San Antonio, Texas 78269-0126

Mark FDS in the Memo field for Free Dick Simkanin. Hank Goltz, WTP Congress
Texas Coordinator can be reached at 210-690-5123.

Again, We The People Congress has designed a billboard message for Judge McBryde. All we need is the rest of the money to cover the cost. Please send your cash contribution to the We The People Congress, c/o our Texas State Coordinator, Hank Goltz. His address is PO Box 690126, San Antonio, Texas 78269. To help using a credit card, PayPal, etc., please visit their secure on-line donation page.