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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Simkanin Detention Hearing

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Subject: Fw: Simkanin Detention Hearing

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Subject: Fw: Simkanin Detention Hearing
That black robed CRIMINAL should have been stopped from conduction discovery AND practicing law from the bench!!

This slime (judge) can, and should, be sued in his personal capacity. He looses any immunity when he violates due process!!


Simkanin Detention Hearing

From: "Tee"
From: "Brett West"

I was there at the hearing on Thursday. It seemed to me that the government could have saved a few dollars by letting the U.S. Attorney forget the case and just have Judge McBryde prosecute it from the bench. Unlike the U.S. Attorney, the judge is the one that brought up questioning about whether Mr. Simkanin owned firearms, what kind they were and where they were currently located. He also said that he believed Simkanin was a threat to society and the officers of the government. We'll see what happens on Tuesday, but it seems to me that DOJ hand picked McBryde for this case. McBryde also ridiculed the testimony of ex-IRS CID agent Joe Banister after he left the witness stand.

The DOJ's whole case for seeking Simkanin's jailing until trial was based upon allegations made by a disbarred lawyer who got busted for stealing client funds and who now being unemployed is drawing a check from the IRS as a paid informant.

After the hearing was at its end and McBryde had decided to keep Mr. Simkanin in jail until another hearing on Tuesday...he mentioned that he thought the indictment was faulty. It seemed to me that he was indicating that the U.S. Attorney should just white out the erroneous parts and pencil in a corrected version. Maybe I am incorrect but the proper procedure should be to toss the whole case, free Simkanin and force the DOJ to seat grand jury #8 and try again from the start.

An additional note...

The DOJ used websites and emails of Simkanin against him. After seeing our so called "justice system" in action...I believe we need to delete the old TAIG posts on this list. There is no reason to keep more than a month or so of posts out there. Let me know what y'all think. One other observation was that they brought Simkanin into the court wearing bright orange prison clothing and leg irons. I can imagine how that plays in a jury trial. If you are familiar with Monty Python & The Holy Grail...there is one scene where the mob brings a lady forward accusing her of being a witch after dressing her up as one with a long nose and witch style hat. Sir Bedevere, presiding over the scene, asks them how they know she is a witch. They answer very simply that "she looks like one"! I have no doubt that this lesson has been well learned by the fedgov in that they parade anyone they accuse in front of a jury in full prison garb and leg irons so that the jury will view the accused as guilty simply because he is dressed as a prisoner or convict.



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